Wessex Research Group

Gaia. Earth Mother, Goddess or Scientific Theory

October 27, 2020

The word “Gaia”  re-emerged in the 1960’s as a metaphor describing the inter relationship between all life on Earth. Trevor begins by describing the origins of the word “Gaia” and the role of James Lovelock in presenting the Earth as a self regulated holistic system. He then talks about the spirituality associated with the idea of Gaia and its interpretation through scientific hypothesis. 

The spirituality of Gaia is rooted in pre-history with modern Gaia grounded in scientific theory. Humanity is required to reconnect and honour a deep connection with all life in order that consciousness might evolve. The idea of Gaia provides a unifying template through which we can work to bring about changes harmonious to both the biotic and abiotic environments  on planet Earth combining both technology and spirituality.


The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational resource.


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